My personal heroes after the postwar, related to the culture of the United States (Essay)

Rebellion: Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control or tradition. For me the rebellion in the American Culture has been a lifestyle; every young and unprotected generation does not think important to follow the rules, there is an important reason for doing that: they are tired to feel repressed for their sexual behavior and excluded mainly for the color of their skin.
For example in the music scene: in the 50’s the musician Ray Charles, he was a bad influence for the daughters and sons of the veterans of the First World War, because their songs were music for black people (it was a mix of Blues, Jazz and Gospel with sexual content) maybe they will be offended because they think that the black music is for ignorant and poor people. In that time be a color person was a sin and the fact that he was a singer with sexual content in his lyrics, it was much worst.
Another important figure of the rebellion in the music scene was Jimi Hendrix, in the 60’s he became famous for the way that he played the guitar, and also for his behavior during his concerts. Jimi revolutionized the theatrical performance on stage, helped for the use of marihuana and the LSD during his presentation. For the conservative people of the 60’s the use any of drug is saw the wrong way, they do not want to his sons and daughters taken a Jimi Hendrix like a good example. For me, Jimi Hendrix was a genius in the field of music because he can mix different styles of music like Blues and Jazz, leaving his personal mark in every song that he composed.
In the 80’s Michael Jackson became the “King of Pop” because he transformed the way to make videos. Michael’s videos telling a story, and the duration of them were long, like a short movie. Jackson was the principal protagonist of his videos. In that moment he understood the formula to sell his music through his videos. His choreography in stage and in his videos was incredible, his steps were calculated perfectly. Michael chanced the lives of thousand and thousand people around the world with his music. Jackson created the “Moon Walk” and all his fans want to emulate him.
And finally in the 90’s Kurt Cobain, he was the singer of the legendary band of grunge called Nirvana; he written songs inspired by his own depression, Kurt described to the teenagers how much painful is life. He was not a good role model for the youth according to the society. For me, despite his addiction to the heroin Cobain was a genius of music, although his appearance indicated the contrary. He never cares the comments (good or bad) about himself, the indifference was his signature.
After the death of them, their music is still on the heart of many people around the world. Each one of them were rebelled himself against a society, which imposed the rules by their own, contrary a the society: oppressed and puritan. My personal heroes imposed a new style of music, fashion and not least important a revolutionary thoughts about life, art and rock and roll.

Attitudes to learning (Essay)

The controversial material is more readily learnt if it fits in with existing beliefs and attitudes. Accordingly this type of materail may also be selective: for instance, theistic students remembered better than atheistic students statements favourable to religion and viceversa. This kind of recommendation is not good for people who need to learn about the different points of view of certain information. Sometiones we need to learn form certain sources to which favourably inclined. many times in some articles taht not interested resulted boring for us. However, when you have to cover a syllabus, you probably cannor afford negleting any part of it. Our attitudes to learning depends on us and the thoughts will need to know about someone or something.

How to be a successful learner? (Essay)

For me a successful learner is a person who has motivation and desire to know everything, about certain topic. In this particular article I want to write about people like to study others languages, he/she knows about the culture and every tradition existing in that specific country or region. The people have to talk with native speakers because they speak with more fluently when they express themselves. Successful learners try to think in English most of the time, because they improve their foreign language. They do not translate clauses or sentences from Spanish into English, because it is a common mistake doing that when the Spanish speaker try to explain an idea about something in English.
My experience as a successful learner depends on many factors, for example: I like to listen to music in English and most important of the time I pay attention to the lyrics. I like to read and write in English, because I develop my knowledge about that language. I like to watch movies in English without subtitles. It is very important to know and to find out about British and American Culture because this kind of information forces us to think in English.
People who that study Modern Languages have to know every element using in English every teacher gives us. It is very important to the knowledge on foreign languages. The teacher has to assign interesting topics because they will develop a better essay. Every student needs to read articles in magazines, newspaper or comics, because advance step by step in the vocabulary in English. Every person who wants to learn a foreign language is needs to watch films and series without subtitles. Every student needs to listen music and try to understand the lyrics and never translate to him/her native language because every language is unique. People need to know about interesting topics, it is very boring to research or read about something that does not help us to understand more about a particular foreign language.

According to Wender (1987) six of the main suggestions to become a successful learner are “Practice, Think in your second language” We need to practice because that helps us to improve our knowledge about English. We must to think in your second language or foreign because we improve it. Translate words, clauses, sentences or paragraphs that Spanish to English it is a mistake that many Spanish speakers do.

People who that study any kind of languages learn a lot of strategies to improve it. The students use strategies for developing and understanding every step that they require to learn a specific language. In the process of learn any language exist four stages: listening, reading, writing and talking. Every person progresses differently. When he/she try to learn a language, and depend on many factors for instance: age, environment, motivation, culture, the way he/she learns, the time that the student dedicates to study, among others.

One of the students I interviewed, surprisingly, felt that grammar was important when learning a foreign language: “This is a thing what really concerns me. And, since I love linguistics and learn more about it. The grammar helps us to know about the structure of the sentences. Grammar helps to improve our vocabulary, the way that is writing certain word or clause.

According to Wender (1987) in the process of learning exists strategies for example: “Metacognitive Strategies and Cognitive Strategies? In the Metacognitive Strategies consist in: Planning for learning, monitoring of comphension or production and self-evaluation. The Cognitive Strategies comprise in: The direct analysis and the transformation or synthesis of learning material. The strategies divided in two different classifications: Social Strategies include: Cooperative learning and asking questions for clarification. Affective Strategies are related with learners’ emotional requirements. And the language learning strategy system divided in the Direct and Indirect. The Direct use: Cognitive, memory and compensation, and the Indirect contains by: Metacognitive, affective and social”.

This kind of strategies improves our process language. The strategies use any kind of language. We used the strategies unconsciously; we need them for use the language properly. People who learn their native language can also learn other languages. This happens because they have the skills to use the language by themselves. It is something normal in every language, and the learning of a language is a process that requires years.

One of the professors I interviewed, surprisingly, felt that reading was important when learning a foreign language: “When you read something you can get the structure, you can get the vocabulary unconsciously” reading help to us to know about history, culture, news, every kind of information. Reading is a strategy for learning and read about something is interesting for us, it is very important because help to us to understand.

People who that want to learn a language need to know how the learning process develops. They are in the process of learning a language this process involves many factors, for instance: The language requires studying a certain hours per day. People need to learn and studying grammar because they will know about the structure of the sentences, clauses, paragraphs, among others. Students could improve their vocabulary reading magazines, comics, novels, short stories, books, among others. Writing poems or articles would like because the most people like to express their feelings and that help them with the knowledge about English. Talking to their friends in English because people learn a language practicing with native speakers or friends and listening to conversations, music, news, among others, repeating over and over again the words does not. People who like to know about the any kind of language must like it, because people can learn more easily and they have the motivation to learn more quickly.