My personal heroes after the postwar, related to the culture of the United States (Essay)

Rebellion: Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control or tradition. For me the rebellion in the American Culture has been a lifestyle; every young and unprotected generation does not think important to follow the rules, there is an important reason for doing that: they are tired to feel repressed for their sexual behavior and excluded mainly for the color of their skin.
For example in the music scene: in the 50’s the musician Ray Charles, he was a bad influence for the daughters and sons of the veterans of the First World War, because their songs were music for black people (it was a mix of Blues, Jazz and Gospel with sexual content) maybe they will be offended because they think that the black music is for ignorant and poor people. In that time be a color person was a sin and the fact that he was a singer with sexual content in his lyrics, it was much worst.
Another important figure of the rebellion in the music scene was Jimi Hendrix, in the 60’s he became famous for the way that he played the guitar, and also for his behavior during his concerts. Jimi revolutionized the theatrical performance on stage, helped for the use of marihuana and the LSD during his presentation. For the conservative people of the 60’s the use any of drug is saw the wrong way, they do not want to his sons and daughters taken a Jimi Hendrix like a good example. For me, Jimi Hendrix was a genius in the field of music because he can mix different styles of music like Blues and Jazz, leaving his personal mark in every song that he composed.
In the 80’s Michael Jackson became the “King of Pop” because he transformed the way to make videos. Michael’s videos telling a story, and the duration of them were long, like a short movie. Jackson was the principal protagonist of his videos. In that moment he understood the formula to sell his music through his videos. His choreography in stage and in his videos was incredible, his steps were calculated perfectly. Michael chanced the lives of thousand and thousand people around the world with his music. Jackson created the “Moon Walk” and all his fans want to emulate him.
And finally in the 90’s Kurt Cobain, he was the singer of the legendary band of grunge called Nirvana; he written songs inspired by his own depression, Kurt described to the teenagers how much painful is life. He was not a good role model for the youth according to the society. For me, despite his addiction to the heroin Cobain was a genius of music, although his appearance indicated the contrary. He never cares the comments (good or bad) about himself, the indifference was his signature.
After the death of them, their music is still on the heart of many people around the world. Each one of them were rebelled himself against a society, which imposed the rules by their own, contrary a the society: oppressed and puritan. My personal heroes imposed a new style of music, fashion and not least important a revolutionary thoughts about life, art and rock and roll.


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